I Like Art

Isn’t art amazing? Whenever I look at art, I think, “That is really good.”

Sometimes I even think, “I wish I had made that art, because the art-man who did it is so skilled.”

And ladies, it is not only men who make art now. There are women from all over the world who also make art—sometimes a lot of art!

When I was in high school, I didn’t like art very much. Looking back, I was immature. But when I got to college, I started to like art more. I would go to a place where they had art and think, “Hey, this art is actually pretty darn good! Why didn’t I enjoy this before?”

Once I graduated from college, my enjoyment of art went up, big time. I found myself looking at art whenever I had a spare moment. Each weekend, I would go to the building with the art inside and walk around with a thoughtful expression on my face as I looked at all the art—big art, little art, colorful art, wavy art—it didn’t matter. Whether it was straight lines or dots or statues, as long as somebody said it was art, I liked it.

Now when I look at the art, I try to think hard about it. Some people just glance at the art for a few seconds and then walk away. I always find this sad, because I know they are not getting the art. Not like I am.

I especially like art from a long time ago. Old art makes me think about how some things were different, but other things were the same.

Sadly, some people don’t like art at all, which is a shame. One tip to help you understand and like the art better is to think, “What is the art-maker trying to say?”

For instance, one time I saw an art that had this dog in it. So right away, I knew the art-man had something he wanted to say about dogs. This is where attention skills are important; I studied the dog’s face, and I could see he was showing his teeth in an angry way.

From this, I could see that the art-maker had some bad feelings towards dogs. Or maybe just one dog in particular. Perhaps that person knew a mean dog that barked a lot. Also, I think he was trying to convey something about American hegemony and the destructive effects of globalization. It could be any of those things.

If you ever have some art, you should show it to me.

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